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N about 20% of patients in both groups. viagra canada online Slight weight loss was reported in 42% of collagenous colitis and 48% of lymphocytic colitis cases. Joint pain was reported in 11% and 13% respectively. canada pharmacy online viagra No other extraintestinal manifestations were noted. View this table: in this window in a new window table 3 symptoms no significant laboratory abnormalities were noted except for hypokalaemia in 12 patients, usually with more severe diarrhoea. Three patients with ticlopidine induced colitis had a moderate eosinophilia (7. 2%, 11. viagra viagra viagra unterschied 6%, and 16. 5%). Associated diseases of both conditions were recorded with particular attention to autoimmune conditions and if cholecystectomy was performed. viagra pills A high number of associated autoimmune conditions was noted for both collagenous colitis and lymphocytic colitis (table 4). side effects of long term viagra use Seven patients with lymphocytic colitis and three patients with collagenous colitis had a longstanding diagnosis of coeliac disease. They presented with diarrhoea despite no obvious gluten ingestion. There were no significant differences in the number of cholecystectomies for both conditions. View this table: in this window in a new window table 4 associated conditions treatment and prognosis about half of the patients in this series from different centres were treated with a variety of non-specific or anti-inflammatory agents (table 5). Patients were treated for a median of three (for lymphocytic colitis) to five (for collagenous colitis) months. viagra viagra viagra unterschied Overall the prognosis of both conditions was relatively good. generic viagra Follow up was available in 72% of patients with collagenous colitis and 49% of patients with lymphocytic colitis. viagra canada Prognosis for lymphocytic colitis was better than for collagenous colitis. viagra pills used After a median follow up of six months 59% of patients with lymphocytic colitis compared with 34% of patients with collagenous colitis reported a resolution of symptoms. Only 15% of patients with lymphocytic colitis compared with 26% of patients with collagenous colitis had persistent important symptoms (p=0. 033). View this table: in this window in a new window table 5 treatment and follow up data previous section next section discussion the disease processes referred to as collagenous colitis, microscopic colitis, and lymphocytic colitis have many clinical, endoscopic, and histological similarities; however, their precise interrelation remains controversial. 5 as recently argued by authorities in the field we prefer not to use the confusing term microscopic colitis. 6 recently a large collagenous colitis series has been reported. 7 our study is by far the largest series of patients with lymphocytic colitis reported. viagra cost Detailed comparison of histological and clinical data in these two conditions reveals several important observations. Colonic biopsy specimens of all our patients were independently reviewed by two expert pathologists. Diagnosis was confirmed in all cases included in this study. The high rate of agreement between the two pathologists can probably be exp.
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