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Ause of atrial fibrillation. generic viagra without prescription In a tia, the blockage period is very short-lived and hence there is no permanent damage. there generic viagra usa [5] the cholesterol build-up is gradual and eventually narrows the lumen. With time, blood flow to that side of the brain is reduced and a stroke may result. sale of viagra In other cases, cholesterol particles from the atherosclerotic plaque may suddenly break off and enter the brain. generic viagra canada In some people, these fragments come off from the heart and go to the brain. there generic viagra usa This often happens during a heart attack or an infection of the valves. canadian viagra without a doctor prescription [6] other reasons include excessive narrowing of large vessels resulting from an atherosclerotic plaque and increased blood viscosity caused by some blood diseases. Tia is related to other medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease (especially atrial fibrillation), migraine, cigarette smoking, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes mellitus. [edit] risk factors family history of stroke or tia substantially increases risk. People 55 years or older are at higher risk. does generic viagra work the same as the real stuff Males have a slightly higher risk of tia than females but females are more likely to die from a stroke. viagra coupon African americans generally tend to have a high risk of dying from a stroke, chiefly due to high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes. [7] [edit] diagnosis tia will usually be diagnosed after a doctor performs a history and a physical exam. There are several radiological tests that are done to evaluate patients who have had a tia. This includes a ct scan or an mri of the brain, ultrasound of the neck, an echocardiogram of the heart. In most cases, the source of atherosclerosis is usually identified with an ultrasound. [8] [edit] differential diagnoses other diagnoses may have symptoms similar to those of a tia: atypical migraine if visual symptoms occur such as perception of wavy or jagged lines or tiny specks of light and if a headache occurs. [ citation needed ] typically a history of prior migraines is present. Partial seizure in the parietal area of the brain glucose abnormalities; these could be distinguished by a history of diabetes mellitus and a loss of consciousness electrolyte abnormalities hypertensive encephalopathy (headache, delirium, hypertension, cerebral edema) subdural hematoma (history of trauma, headache, loss of consciousness) brain tumor (mode of onset, progressive headaches, increased intracranial pressure) demyelinating disease conversion disorder [edit] prevention a tia may be prevented by changes in lifestyle; although most of these recommendations have no solid empirical data, most medical professionals believe them to be so. where can i buy female viagra These include: avoiding smoking cutting down on fats and cholesterol to help reduce plaque build up eating a healthy diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables limiting sodium in the diet, thereby reducing blood pressure exercising regularly moderating alcohol intake maintaining a normal weight controlling blood pressure an. cheap viagra online
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